There is much more into locksmiths than just opening locks and also making duplicates of different original keys. They offer a range of other tasks which range from the everyday situations to installing and fixing digital locks and hi tech security systems for residential and commercial premises. Not many people know that locksmiths are very knowledgeable when it comes to key and lock matters but it is also wise to note that due to the high nature of most of our security systems, one locksmith might not be well skilled or proficient in all aspects of the locksmith industry. So, getting a skilled locksmith who offers the right service for your certain needs is very crucial.

Below are some of the services offered by locksmiths.

1. Duplicating keys – most of us if not all have the tendency of always misplacing our keys and upon misplacing them, we normally look for locksmiths. So, if you lie in this category of people who misplace their keys every now and then, then duplicating your keys before you loose them again will come in handy. Locksmiths can duplicate not only ordinary keys but also replicate complicated locks like electrical transponders.

2. Installation services and security assessments – today, locksmiths are not only good in duplicating keys or replacing defective locks, they can also install essential security systems such as security cameras and also locking keypads on the doors. They will also help you in identifying possible entry points for thieves and ensure that they are well secured plus provide recommendations on what you should do.

3. Automobile – it might sound strange but one can easily get locked out of his or her own car especially in an insecure and isolated place. When this happens, you will need to call a locksmith. Also keep in mind that majority of the modern cars we have in our roads feature smart or electronic keys in order to open and close their doors. Vehicles which operate through smart keys are very difficult to bypass so you might want to look for a skilled locksmith with the training and knowledge of handling this types of lock systems.

4. Residential – it is one of the most common locksmith services around. Majority of locksmiths service providers offer residential services 24/7 from January to December. They work on lockouts which is when one cannot open a door since the key is accidentally misplaced or the door is locked from outside while the keys are still inside. Most of the locksmiths who offer this service can also take on other locksmith duties like putting new locks on cutting keys.

5. Service Call – you might find yourself in a situation where there is something wrong with your lock but you don’t know what exactly is wrong with it. When this happens, you can always call a locksmith for a service call. He will charge you by the hour but that is very reasonable since he might not know right away what is wrong until he has a proper look. Unlike other portable items like laptops, door locks are not things that you can carry to a store so that they can be repaired, locks are more in the class of dishwashers etc, where one needs to come to your house to asses and also fix the problem. Bottom line is, we need locks in our doors, so when you think about it, service call is worth your money especially if you get it fromĀ Tony’sĀ Locksmith