The general purpose of tree maintenance is to identify and remove any “Problem areas”. Problems allow, or will eventually allow, harmful bacteria to penetrate your tree’s natural defenses. So “problem areas” are things like dead or dying branches, crossing branches, and branches growing into nearby structures. Any of these scenarios could result in injury to your tree. And every injury is an opportunity for bacteria to bypass your tree’s strongest defense (bark) and spread into the rest of your tree. Eliminating problem branches increases your trees defense system and will keep your tree healthy and beautiful for many years longer.


Natural problems develop within the crown of your tree as it grows. The healthiest branches are the ones that get the most sunlight and have the most space to expand. Thus the branches on the outside edge of a tree are usually the healthiest.

Most of the problems that will seriously effect the health of your tree, begin on the inside of its crown. Regular tree maintenance is the process that begins with inspecting the whole tree and ends with the correction or elimination of developing problems

A Green Outside Doesn’t Always Indicate A Healthy Tree

When you look at a tree, the branches you see are on the outside edge of the tree’s crown. From that perspective it’s easy to assume that your tree is doing fine when there could actually be a great deal of decay and other problems on the inside of the crown.

The image on the left shows how branches inside your tree’s canopy usually die because they don’t get the sunlight they need. Those dead branches provide a great space for decay, insects, and microorganisms to live and attack the living parts of your tree.

If regular deadwood removal had been done to this tree, the green edge would be much thicker and the overall tree much healthier. That’s because deadwood removal helps to thin out the canopy of trees and allow more sunlight to reach into the center

Do Trees Know Which Direction To Grow In?

Trees don’t have eyes to see where they are growing, but they seem to be able to tell where sunlight is coming from. So they simply grow towards the light sending up as many shoots as possible. But without eyes, tree branches tend to grow into one-another and anything else that happens to be near them for that matter.

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